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BCM® Upper Receiver – M4 Flat Top (M4 Feedramps) Complete (Unassembled) – DEMO/Scratched



Shop our vast selection of BCM AR 15 upper receivers! When you want to build the best, a BCM upper are a great place to start!


Unveiling the Magic: Exploring AR-15 BCM Upper Receiver Parts

The AR-15 rifle has become an iconic symbol in the world of firearms, cherished by enthusiasts and respected for its versatility and performance. But what exactly makes up the heart and soul of this legendary firearm? Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the intricacies of AR-15 bcm upper receiver parts, shedding light on their functions and importance.

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Shop our vast selection of BCM AR 15 upper receivers! When you want to build the best, a BCM upper are a great place to start!

Table of Contents

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1. Understanding the Upper Receiver
2. Key Components
3. Barrel Assembly
4. Handguard Selection
5. Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)
6. Charging Handle
7. Forward Assist
8. Dust Cover
9. Gas System
10. Muzzle Device
11. Optics Mounting
12. Assembly Tips
13. Maintenance and Care
14. Enhancing Performance
15. Conclusion

Understanding the Upper Receiver

The bcm upper receiver of an AR-15 serves as the foundation upon which the rest of the rifle is built. It houses critical components such as the barrel, bolt carrier group, and charging handle. Think of it as the engine block of a car, providing structural integrity and housing vital moving parts.

Key Components

Barrel Assembly

The barrel of your AR-15 plays a crucial role in determining accuracy and performance. When selecting a barrel, factors such as length, material, and rifling pattern should be considered to match your intended use and shooting preferences.

Handguard Selection

Handguards not only protect your hands from the heat generated during firing but also provide mounting points for accessories like lights, lasers, and grips. Choose a handguard that balances weight, durability, and customization options.

Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)

The BCG is the heart of your AR-15’s operation, responsible for cycling rounds and ensuring reliable function. Opting for a high-quality BCG, such as those offered by BCM upper, can enhance reliability and longevity.

Charging Handle

The charging handle allows you to manually cycle the action of your AR-15, whether it’s chambering a round or clearing a malfunction. Look for ambidextrous options and ergonomic designs for ease of use.

Forward Assist

While controversial in its necessity, the forward assist allows you to manually seat the bolt in the event of a malfunction. While not commonly used, it can provide peace of mind in certain situations.

Dust Cover

The dust cover helps keep debris and contaminants out of the action, ensuring smooth operation even in adverse conditions. It’s a simple yet essential component for maintaining the reliability of your AR-15.

Gas System

The gas system regulates the flow of gas from the barrel to cycle the action. Choosing the right gas system length and tuning it properly can optimize the performance of your rifle and reduce recoil.

Muzzle Device

Muzzle devices, such as flash hiders, muzzle brakes, and compensators, can mitigate recoil and muzzle rise, improving follow-up shot accuracy. Consider your shooting environment and preferences when selecting a muzzle device.

Optics Mounting

Mounting optics on your AR-15 opens up a world of possibilities for precision shooting and target acquisition. Ensure your chosen mount is compatible with your optic and provides a secure attachment.

Assembly Tips

Assembling an AR-15 upper receiver requires attention to detail and patience. Follow manufacturer guidelines and invest in quality tools to ensure a smooth and trouble-free build process.

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your AR-15 upper receiver running smoothly. Regular cleaning and lubrication, along with inspection for wear and damage, can prolong the lifespan of your rifle.

Enhancing Performance

Upgrading certain components, such as the trigger, barrel, and optics, can enhance the performance of your AR-15 upper receiver. However, always prioritize reliability and safety when making modifications.

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The AR-15 upper receiver is a masterpiece of engineering, comprising various components working in harmony to deliver unrivaled performance. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a novice enthusiast, understanding these parts is essential for maximizing the potential of your rifle.


What is a BCM upper?

A BCM upper refers to a bcm upper receiver assembly manufactured by Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM), known for its high-quality components and exceptional reliability.?

How do I choose the right barrel for my AR-15?

When selecting a barrel for your AR-15, consider factors such as length, material, twist rate, and intended use. Match these specifications to your shooting preferences and budget for the best results.?

Do I need a forward assist on my AR-15?

The need for a forward assist on an AR-15 is subjective and depends on personal preference and intended use. While some shooters appreciate the added functionality, others find it unnecessary for their needs.?

Can I install aftermarket parts on my AR-15 upper receiver?

Yes, you can install aftermarket parts on your AR-15 bcm upper receiver to customize its performance and appearance. However, ensure compatibility and quality to maintain reliability and safety.?

How often should I clean my AR-15 upper receiver?

It’s recommended to clean your AR-15 bcm upper receiver after each use to remove fouling, debris, and carbon buildup. Regular maintenance and lubrication will keep your rifle running smoothly and reliably.?


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